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    SÄGAN translated means LEGEND.

    This Adhesive is arguably the fastest setting, hardest bonding, high production PDR/Collision Glue to ever hit the market.

    To be called a  “Legend” is to be a truly out-of-the-box product that leaves a legacy behind. Skills, talents, and accomplishments can only get you so far. But venturing into uncharted territory, breaking the stigmas, and pushing beyond the frontiers of the mundane and every day, that makes SÄGAN a Legend!





    Solar Blitz is the all around alcohol release Collision glue.  Having a medium open time, a long set time, and superior elongation giving technicians the ability to adjust on the fly.  It’s truly one of the most versatile adhesives EVER.
    Solar Blitz allows for arguably the highest yield of consistent measurable results of any Collision Glue on the market!