Our high-heat, no-melt automotive glues are engineered with industry leading adhesive technology, the most advanced available. Browse our inventory to see how CGS is revolutionizing the automotive repair process. CGS is an industry leader in adhesive technologies evolving past the restrictions of current performance with revolutionary engineering… being the first of it’s kind to #GOTOMETAL CGS adhesives are specifically engineered for the needs of the technician. Providing less guesswork and measurable results.

“I have tried every tooling system, every process, every glue, every process… No glue has the power to pull a power like a weld…No glue has the power to pull multiple layer of substrates…I am here to tell you our Adhesives absolutely CAN.” – Jeremy Smith, Owner and Founder CGS



Solar Blitz is the all around alcohol release Collision glue.  Having a medium open time, a long set time, and superior elongation giving technicians the ability to adjust on the fly.  It’s truly one of the most versatile adhesives EVER.  We suggest watching the “Solar” short video we put together for you. Solar Blitz allows for arguably the highest yield of consistent measurable results of any Collision Glue on the market!

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